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Peer Pressure. Cyber-bullying. ADHD. Who are you going to prom with? Do you even care to go to prom?  What college are going to? What are you going to do with your life?


That's enough pressure to make any pot on the stove explode.  Teens and young adults today face different pressures that generations in the past did not face. But, these pressures do not have to destroy your family and what should be a happy time; those final years before leaving the nest.  

Dream up your passion

Drive for your passion

Deliver your passion

But, "this mission, should you choose to accept it," requires something that everyone has within them but few choose to use. Courage. It will take courage to do all 3 of the things listed above. Some dream, but few are courageous enough to pursue their dreams. Few drive after their dreams but quit midway. Even fewer drive after their dreams to see them delivered.  Do you have it in you?

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