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Significance/Sexual Impurity/Depression

Is your search for approval so headstrong that you've found yourself in daring, almost death-defying situations? Does the idea of unconditional love seem foreign to you that you seek eternal significance through your career? One man, pushed himself so much to find unconditional love & fatherly approval that he sought to become the best commercial fisherman in the southeastern U.S., even if it meant killing him and his crew. Even after leaving the fishing industry and becoming a pastor, he had that same determined drive to find approval no matter the cost. That man was the late Jack Frost, writer of Experiencing Father's Embrace and founder of a healing ministry for leaders called Shiloh Place Ministries. In Experiencing Father's Embrace, Jack Frost talks about his struggles with pornogaphy, drugs, alcohol, anger, & family problems. Its my hope that you, like Jack Frost and so many other men, will choose to work on whatever your troubles might be and realize that you are not alone. Looking at the 4 tenants below and , just one person changing is a good thing. But a community changing is tranformational.





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