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More than 20 years of experience as a professional counselor, Dale specializes in issues with Men, Marriage, and Teens & Young Adults. Dale focuses his practice on helping the hurting heal and become fulfilled in their lives. 

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It is Dale's firm belief that this is founded on a balanced approach of Mental, Physical, & Spiritual well being.


Areas of Specialty:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Family Conflict

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Dale has worked over 20 years with families and children. A Psychotherapist and Trainer for professionals throughout the state, Dale has been identified as an expert in dealing with chronic situations of dysfunctionand trauma. As a member of the Florida Juvenile Justice Association he has served as an officer on the executive board and is past Co-Chair of the State Conference and Training Committee. Dale has a wealth of knowledge related to trauma exposed families and individuals from abusive and traumatic backgrounds. He has shepherded programs throughout the state designing treatment models to address the dysfunctional results of life changing trauma including factors to address through unhealthy coping vulnerabilities, the impact on families, substance abuse and aggression. A member of Bayside Community Church, he and his wife, Elizabeth, of 27 years have 3 children. A University of Florida Graduate and Alumnae of Nova Southeastern Graduate School, Dale has made a career of reaching out to those that are vulnerable and developing systems to guide recovery and healing. Dale has a private practice in Bradenton, Florida.

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Dale Thompson, LMHC

I suffered for years from depression.  I just could never kick it.  I got connected with Dale and we worked on my thought processes.  I'm on top now!




Memories of my past haunted me. Dale helped me identify the triggers, abolish the past and open up for my future purpose.


Your Greatest Self.




The day I found out my husband cheated on me was the worst. We started seeing Dale. I realized, our marriage had been crumbling for quite some time and, my husband and I, both, had contributed to our marriage's decline but we both could play a part in its repair.







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